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Celebrations, Milestones, Firsts & Kelly's Mountain

Yesterday was a celebration of a special person, milestones and a day of firsts.

Almost 30 people laced their sneakers to run up and down (and for a few, completely over and back) Kelly’s Mountain. Distances and speeds varied, but what was in common was that everyone was there to recognize the heavenly birthday of Peter Hanna, fondly remembered as the Godfather of running in Cape Breton. Sadly, Peter passed in June 2023 at age 82, but will live on in the Cape Breton running community for his perseverance, success and support of others.

Other celebrations yesterday included recognition of milestones reached by some runners for consistently running Kelly’s Mountain every month for several years! What an accomplishment. And, for a few it was their first time tackling the peak and they crushed the beast!

In many sports, competition can sometimes overshadow accomplishments, but not in running. I have never been in the presence of a more supportive and positive group of people. Oh, and there may have been a few small shots of Fireball Whiskey, too :D

Sherry Finney

EO Partner

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